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How's my driving? All concrit and kudos welcome here!
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character info.
NAME. Carolina
SERIES. Red vs. Blue.
AGE. mid 30's
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. 5'5" and a lady never tells.
APPEARANCE. picture.
STATUS. | TITLE. quick summary. (UNDERLINE PROPER BLOCK BY ADDING [[ text-decoration:underline; ]] WITHIN span style="...;" . THERE'S FIVE FROM RED TO BLUE.)
LODGINGS. Arrived | April 21 (Week 20 Day 1)
Staying | ???

POSSESSIONS. Mjolnir Varient Scout armor in aqua/tealish/seafoam blue
WEAPONS. Grappling hook gun Fists/legs/etc


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CONTACT: themetalovesyou at gmail, EleiShar at AIM, [ profile] krakatau
OTHER CHARACTERS: Jev Wynnchild [personal profile] jev

CHARACTER NAME: Agent Carolina
SERIES: Red vs. Blue wiki, Agent Carolina Wiki (as a note, the information on this wiki should be taken with a grain of salt; it is rife with uncited theories and headcanon)
CANON POINT: Season 10, Episode 19 "Party Crashers", just after getting tossed off the cliff
AGE: early 30's
APPEARANCE: 5'5", long red hair, striking green eyes, pale skin. She's got AI ports on the back of her neck that are torn and ragged at the edges, and usually wears her Mjolnir varient Recon/Rogue armor, in seafoam-aqua-tealish and white. Her helmet did not travel with her.


PERSONALITY: Headstrong, stubborn, driven, obsessed, broken, distrustful.

That's a brief look at the arc Carolina goes through, from her first appearance in Red vs. Blue, to the intended canon point. She is a product of her experiences; a once-leader, confident and compassionate, betrayed by those she trusted most, lied to, manipulated, and essentially experimented on by her father.

Her parents were a research scientist, specializing in Artificial Intelligence theory, and a marine who fell (presumably in battle, but it's unclear). Her father was the director of a private, elite militia training group known as Project Freelancer, in which she ranked on the top of the leaderboard. The project served many purposes, at its core a duality; sending the agents on team-based assignments, while back on the base having them compete against each other. While Carolina had a healthy respect and compassion for her team, as number 1 she was keenly aware of and very protective of her position.

She's more then capable of holding intense grudges and her competitive nature borders on obsession. Her longstanding rivalry with Texas was, at times, entirely one-sided when the other woman attempted to show respect before a showdown. Even just jumping forward in canon, she's spent years of her life hunting down the Director.

Because of the particular circumstances surrounding Texas, Carolina's become difficult with Authority; confronting the Director and demanding an AI, and when given a choice between two, insisting that she recieve both. This is in contrast to her initial appearance in Season 9, when she questions the AI about an extra unnamed agent in the headcount, and doesn't question further when she's brushed off. She's learned to question authority and push when she doesn't get an answer. While in some ways this is a good thing (since the Freelancer project was steeped in moral ambiguity at best and highly illegal practices at worst), she has become something of a loose canon. She does what she wants to get the results she wants.

Within Freelancer, she saw herself as a leader; she lead the agents on the field, and knows each of her fellow agents well enough to utilize to their individual skillsets to their fullest. She definitely considers herself above them, and that no one can lead them like she does. They are her first priority on the field; when Team B sustained injury during the Sarcaphagus mission, Carolina was ready to go to their aid instead of head after their objective. When tasked with retrieving CT's armor after CT deserted, Carolina attempted to subdue her with an electrified baton, instead of outright killing her. She even went so far as to interfere with Texas, allowing CT and the Rebel Leader to escape (this was after Carolina saw Texas deliver two axes to CT's chest and abdoman).

Her motivations for reaching and maintaining the number 1 ranking are numerous; it gives her authority over the rest of the team, later it's in an attempt to overtake Texas, and throughout all it's a desperate attempt to gain her father's approval. At the end of Season 9, we see her in confernce with the Director; she's just been bumped down a rank, and he's explaining the project is going into Phase 2, which will require her to do 'a great many questionable things'. Her response is to tell him she'll do whatever it takes, he's given her everything, and she'd do anything for him.

ABILITIES: She's an average human with elite military training as well as high-tech equipment.
Her specialities are;
-- speed
-- agility
-- stealth
-- tactical

Her armor affords her greater strength, endurance, and reaction times, although not to the level of the Spartans; it is not full Mjolnir and she does not have the augmentations the Spartans have.

Additionally, she has the Sprint and Chameleon armor enhancements; Sprint allows her to run a Olympic-athlete speeds for short bursts, and Chameleon changes the color of her plating to blend in with the surroundings or match armored hostiles.

Seafoam/aqua/tealish Recon armor with White secondary coloring, grappling hook-pistol, black rubberdized undersuit with liquid crystal layer, UNSC neural port, two damaged AI implant ports. (all ports back of neck, base of the skull)


Voice Testing post in journal
Voice Test Meme in ExitRear


Currently have Jev ([personal profile] jev) active in game.
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[Carolina sat in the recreation room, idly turning over a gamepiece in one hand. She's been patched up, given a chance to rest, and recieved a rundown on the Charon and COMPASS. Now, she just needed time to think.]

[Her expression is dark and drawn, and she's focusing so much energy on thinking back on events (and on avoiding thinking about other events) from her recent life before arriving on the ship, that she wasn't as aware of her surroundings as she could be.]

[But while sneaking up on her might be easier now more than ever, it's not always the best idea.]


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She knew by now that the teleporters weren't anything to be trusted, that just as she relied on them to get her from one zone to the next, they could just as easily spit her out a pony or hold her captive for months on end.

She knew, she always knew, somewhere in the back of her head, that there existed the possibility the teleporters -- or Hypatia, or whatever force was at fault -- could throw her forward in her timeline,

but crippling herself with worry wasn't an option.

She keyed in her destination and walked into the teleporter without a hitch. In that instant -- that one, infinitesimal moment of time -- she saw the beginnings of what everyone from her world had been talking about. The feud, the AIs, how utterly hopeless she'd felt losing CT to Texas, how absolutely determined she was to make it up to the rest of them, blinded by the competition. In that one instant, she came to the moment she broke.

She tumbled out of the other side of the teleporter in pain, in so much pain. Each voice inside her head was screaming for recognition, in pain and agony from the Director's words, and she couldn't think, she couldn't function. She was only vaguely aware of writhing on the ground, that somehow her surroundings weren't what she was imaging them to be. Her movements knocked the wearable alive, and it glowed brightly as it started an open video feed. It showed a view of Eta and Iota crouched by Carolina's side, the three in synchronized agony.
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Feel free to critique my handling of Carolina! Comments screened!
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Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Krakatau
OOC Journal: [ profile] krakattack
Under 18? haven't been in far too long
Email/IM: EleiShar (aim)
Characters Played at Singularity: N/A

Character Information;
Name: Freelancer Agent Carolina
Name of Canon: Red Vs. Blue
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Canon
Reference: Red vs. Blue: Season 9
Canon Point: Episode 20 during her conversation with the Director about Phase 2 of the project.


It is the 26th century. Mankind has flourished and prospered, discovering interstellar travel, and expanding their territories to include colony planets in distant star systems. As the colonies expanded, however, so did the desire of independent rule, and a building civil war looked about ready to tear down the thriving civilization.

In the middle of the insurrection, however, an even larger threat made itself known; the Covenant –a collection of alien races -- were bent on wiping out humanity as they see it to be a blasphemy to their religion. While this drew attention and focus, it did little to convince those leading the insurrection to halt their actions. Although not necessarily the extinction-level threat that was the Covenant, Insurrectionist activities were responsible for millions of human deaths, through attacks on major city and space ports.

While the United Nations Space Command and Office of Naval Intelligence were the greatest fighting forces in the military that fought against the Covenant and the Insurrections, there were several non-sanctioned and secretly-operated projects and programs intent on finding, as Agent Washington put it, “the magic bullet to stop the war.” Dr. Halsey’s and Colonel Ackerson’s respective Spartan programs were the most notable of these.

Project Freelancer was also one of these more mysterious projects. The director of the project – Dr. Leonard Church – had a collection of specialized, elite agents, code-named after each of the forty nine states of the United States of America (although it is never mentioned how, it is implied that something happened to the state of Florida). His method to train these soldiers was to set up an elaborate 'fake war' between so-called 'Red and Blue Armies' (made up of soldiers who just weren't quite cut for active duty in the UNSC) and pit his Freelancer Agents against them. Outside of the training programs, they were sent on much more dangerous, much more real operations. Sometimes, they were expected to take on numbers of about 100:1. They worked in variable team sizes, utilizing their individual specialities.

However, the very basis of Project Freelancer, apparently unknown to the Agents, was experimentation. Despite an emphasis on teamwork, there was a definite competitive bent to the program. One rather large element in this aspect was the ranking board, which kept an up to date roster of the top six Freelancers. Actions both on the field and in training could effect one’s status on the list, even if successful in execution. It was a strict system, with demotions immediate.

Sometimes Agents were put in missions ill-suited for them, if only to see how they'd react. During North and South Dakota's data retrieval mission, the Counselor expresses concern to the Director that 'this might not be the right team for the job', apparently concerned about South's brash, competitive nature that eventually did compromise the mission. The Director was unconcerned, mentioning that 'the system would determine the order'. He specifically put her in a position where failure was probable, and her actions dropped her a rank and had her pulled from the later mission to retrieve the Sarcophagus and the Briefcase.

The soldiers themselves were equipped with state of the art armor systems and armor enhancements (such as invisibility, sprint, and bubble shields, to name a few). The enhancements by themselves were tricky to manipulate. When Washington found out that North had used his equipment without a pipeline back to command, he reminded him 'you remember what happened to Utah in training? You could have been killed!'. Carolina's chameleon enhancement usually fell away moments after she started fighting.

Some believed they were fighting for the greater good, training in order to make a difference in the war. Others felt the ranking system was a process of elimination to weed out the less desirable soldiers, or as a selection process for something more. As time went on, the former seemed less accurate.

The Director had in his possession a Smart AI by the name of Alpha. He’d wanted to continue his experiments with AI programs for the soldiers to help them perform better and more aggressively, but was unable to get any other AI units, so instead he ‘got creative’ and had Alpha tortured and run through a series of stressful and traumatic scenarios in order to cause him to break and fragment. These fragmented pieces, usually core emotions, were then harvested and used as the AI intelligences for the soldiers. They embodied traits such as rage, deceit, logic, and creativity.

Much is not known yet exactly how the program progressed after this addition, except that things essentially fell apart. Carolina, who received two AIs, presumably died, South betrayed North (who died) and Washington (who nearly died) in order to procure an AI, and Maine went insane and started hunting them all down to collect all of them. It was also revealed later [chronologically] that the Director had ulterior motives in fragmenting the Alpha AI, cycling through the process numerous times trying to find Texas.

At some point, once things started coming to light, the Freelancers made an attempt to rescue the Alpha, but were unsuccessful. This prompted the Director to relocate Alpha to a more remote and secure area, disguising him as a simple ‘Blue’ soldier fighting against a team of Reds. These other soldiers had no idea Alpha was what he was -- because of the torture, he no longer remembered either, believing he was just a normal soldier stationed in a box canyon in the middle of nowhere.


Agent Carolina is about balance.

From her concerns for her teammates versus the mission objective, to a maintaining without revealing a certain skepticism for her superiors, she walks a thin line that speaks testament to her inner control and sensibility.

She’s the #1 ranked Freelancer, and as such has an immense responsibility for overseeing missions and maintaining her team’s safety. From her involvement in the evac operation from the cryogenics facility, we see that she is not above making tough decisions that puts agents at risk in order to succeed, such as where she clears North for equipment use and sends him topside the Pelican where he fends off missiles from the pursing Longswords with the bubble shield. Later, when improvising a way to get the Sarcophagus topside, she has no hesitance in literally kicking Agent Maine out of a hundred and fifth story window. Either of these scenarios could have gone awry to disastrous results, but she had the good faith they wouldn’t.

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about the other Agents at all. From her voicing concern about South Dakota to North Dakota after South’s drop in rank, being the first one at York’s side after the sparring session with Texas, and her reaction to seeing Maine being shot repeatedly, between taking a sniper bullet for her and the abuse his neck was receiving not long after, we can see she has a great deal of personal attachment to her teammates. As number one, and in charge of their well-being, it’s inevitable that she sees them as her team, and just as much as she does what she can to maintain her position on the ranking boards, it’s ultimately for their benefit and has little to do with personal satisfaction at being the best. It’s hard and lonely at the top.

Her fighting style verges on artistic, with moves reminiscent of gymnastic and ballet protogés. She’s fluid and efficient, and is quite adept at dodging and redirecting her opponent’s energy. She carries a magnum and a grappling-hook gun with her, and is particularly good at melee with just her fists. She’s also incredibly ingenius, and can pretty much turn any item she finds into a weapon, or use inefficient weapons in creative ways (such as throwing a Gravity Hammer at an opponent, making what is normally a close-range melee weapon into a very effective long-range weapon).

Of course, one of the reasons she has to be so good at dodging is because she does not have the tolerance for injury like some of the other Agents. Maine sustained multiple bullet wounds and was still able to stand and fight, and during the sparring session with Texas, Maine, Wyoming, and York were all subject to numerous hits without much slowing them down. Carolina, however, is rendered nearly immobile after sliding along a highway and under a truck before hitting a wall at a high velocity. No, this is not a slight scratch by any means, but for a trained elite soldier in heavy power armor, it’s a wonder she’s as seemingly bad off as she is. During an earlier conversation about the hardening paint used in practice, her comment 'don't know, never been hit' also speaks to this ability to dodge.

Carolina answers to the Director and the Counselor, and while she’s respectful of the boundries they put before her (such as FILSS ignoring her question about the unidentified Agent on her roster during North and South’s EVAC), she’s got her of definite sense of skepticism when odd things start happening. This is the balance between obedient lapdog and full blown skeptic. Carolina questions and keeps tabs, if only to herself, on the anomalies she encounters. Besides the missing Agent, she also noticed Texas did not move or react like any other recruit, and that her or her armor seemed to be ‘glitching’. Although it’s not certain if she actually saw anything, she did notice something pertaining to the Alpha. Her skepticism is obvious the way she hands slightly back to look at the console as the Director heads to the holotable.

It’s only when these things start coming together and she’s able to start fitting the pieces together (perhaps, as well, the fire stoked by a jealousy I’ll get to in a moment) that she starts asking any questions about it. Namely, to Agent Texas, Why did they send you?

And here’s where the balance begins to tip. Carolina’s done all she can for her team, pushing herself as hard as she can to try and maintain that rank because in her mind she knows she’s the only one that can oversee them efficiently. She knows their individual strengths and weaknesses and how to best use them on the field. She trusts them and pushes them to give 110%, just like she pushes herself. Agent Texas showing up was something of a concern, once she saw what she was capable of, and when she found her setting the transmitter, Carolina was mad enough to spit nails. This is because Texas was essentially an interloper. Carolina didn’t know her, didn’t trust her, hadn't been made aware of her involvement, let alone existence in their earlier missions, and with her showing up now Carolina’s felt her best laid plans were built on incomplete data. As things spiral into chaos, she’s less concerned about simply ensuring a successful mission, and more concerned about beating Texas to the package. Later, when the director is briefing her about Phase 2 of the project, any earlier skepticism is shoved aside; she's ready and willing to do whatever it takes in order to regain her position.

Carolina's humor is a dry wit which usually comes out when the situation gets dire (such as her comment about having to jump off a 110 story building must be karma for when she kicked Maine out he window), almost literally laughing in the face of danger. When she loses her temper is when she reacts with more impulse and less control. Although there is a definite chemistry between York and Carolina, it's reserved and not acted on. She doesn't want to appear prone to favoritism.

At the point in which she’ll be coming into Sacrosanct, she'll be hurting from her drop to number 2 to Texas, and trying to re-establish that balance and inner control.

Additional Note re; re-app:
I would like to bring Carolina back with memories. She was previously in Sacrosanct from November, 2011 to March 2012. In that time, she had to deal with wary teammates she had originally found to be very dependable and try to work a balance between keeping an open relationship with them as well as the superiors they hated, who she still respected. However as she learned the future of Project Freelancer, she was forced to reexamine that aspect, and after a forced 'dance' event where the Director and Counselor did not show, and she discovered they were no longer present in the station, she decided to make herself independent from the Project and attempt to wrangle her team on her own terms.

Additionally, she made it a point to research and question anyone else in the station that had military or militia training or otherwise were able to fight, defend or protect. These she treated equally as potential allies and threats until she was assured of their intentions.

She's gradually been learning to trust people outside of Freelancer, and how to relax and live on her own without the team setting holding her up. She still always concerns herself with the well-being of her team - whether from Freelancer or 'adopted' in Sacrosanct.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions:

She's an elite soldier with extreme fighting prowess, endurance, and gymnastic-like maneuverability. Her combat preference is close quarters, and she’s adept with a pistol, but she can make anything in her vicinity a weapon. She’s also capable of navigating a pelican and administering (sometimes unorthodox) defensive measures. Her armor offers her added strength and endurance and climate control. She’s still human, though.

As far as weaknesses go, where she excels in agility she lacks in brute force, and she's not as capable of taking the kind of hits others do (although still more than the average civilian). Temperamentally, she's a little protective/possessive and a tendency towards jealousy and caution in those she perceives as a threat.

Armor: (Aqua primary, White secondary)
--Rogue helmet
--Recon shoulders/chestpiece
-- Chameleon (armor plating takes on colors to camouflage or confuse)
-- Grappling Hook Firearm
-- Pistol
-- Extra magazines

Appearance: PB is Amanda Righetti, of average height and slight, though muscled, build, long red hair Age: 20-30's.

OC/AU Justification ; If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across? If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test? And What Did You Score?

Samples ; Log Sample:

Carolina twisted like a cat readying itself for impact as soon as she felt the ground give way beneath her. She simply reacted, at the moment trying to figure out how she had gone from a briefing with the Director to falling through the air.

She hadn't remembered an explosion, and didn't think they'd been heading into a slipspace jump. She lands expertly, tucking into a roll with arms covering her unhelmeted head until she came to her feet.

She looked around, assessing the situation and after ascertaining to identifiable, immediate threat, she turns her focus to finding her helmet. It had rolled down the side of the scrapheap. She takes a direct path to it, trying to keep cover in case there were unknown hostiles, and quickly shoved it over her head and locked it into place. She snapped the motion trackers in place, setting them to long range, and made sure she was alone before anything else.

She pressed a hand to the side of her helmet and cycled through channels.

“Command. This is Agent Carolina, requesting evac.” Static. “Come in Commmand …” Still static. She flipped the channels. “York?” Nothing. “Damn.

She tried a couple more channels, even though she had a sense of futility about it. Wherever she was, it was obvious she was either very much alone or the communications were very much dead. Likely it was both.

“Welcome to Sacrosanct. Please watch your step.”

Carolina glanced around, trying to fix the location of the PA or any sort of idea what she was dealing with, and without success she filed away Sacrosanct and started the journey across the heaps of trash.

She muttered to herself. “What a fantastic finish to a fantastic day.”

Network Sample:

[Once in the station proper, Carolina had finally set down to figuring out the Wearable, scrolling through the entries and getting a feel for the controls. So it was, with little difficulty, that she queued up an open, unencrypted post followed by two tightly encrypted messages to various parties that she'd seen represented that most certainly interested her.

For now, she stuck with text; better to remain anonymous while she figured out what she was dealing with.]


Looks like I'll have to cross 'landing in a giant junkyard' off my bucket list now. Anyone care to fill me in on the specifics?

[TEXT--UNSC Encryption – 75%

[A little less anonymity here, but still guarded and using text.]

Ths is Agent Carolina of Project Freelancer, requesting SITREP and all available information regarding Sacrosanct.

[Audio--Freelancer Encryption – 85%]

[Here she speaks, no need to hide from anyone in this group.] Looks like I'm a little late to the party. Hope I didn't miss much.


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